Growing the Paper Garden’s Forest

There is something stirring the ground at the Paper Garden.

From the old concrete,

seedlings of Paper Trees are emerging, cracking the hardness,

to make the green and brown hues in the depth of the woods.

emma blog 1.jpg
emma blog 2.jpg

The children from the Canada Water Primary Schools have been nurturing the soil,

watching the bark to

create their paper collages...

Growing the Paper Trees; till those seedlings hit the ceiling.

emma blog 4.jpg
emma blog 3.jpg

The inhabitants of the forest have crawled out of the paper too,

guided by the hands of the children...

Six legs, eight legs, no legs, tails, wings and beaks.

Paper and Clay creatures who will call the Paper Forest their home.

emma blog 5.jpg
emma blog 6.jpg

The forests and the children await the Winter Solstice to celebrate the light of the fires in the dark of the winter in the woods.

These trees and their inhabitants would not be possible without the creativity and energy of Redriff, St John’s, St Joseph's, and Albion Primary Schools pupils.