Awesome Forces: stories of the universe in the paper garden

Over the Easter holidays The Paper Garden came to life with the creativity of eighteen
children and ten adults. On a days workshop of story making, creative writing,
painting, music and performance we celebrated the micro and the macro movements
of the cosmos in action. From the spiralling of galaxies, to the journey of raven and
whale each participant found their own way to express the incredible twists and turns
of this vast and epic adventure.

We all appreciated the huge box of percussion loaned by Full Circle, the seemingly
unlimited supply of art materials kindly donated by Colart, and pizzas from our new
wood burning oven in the extended courtyard made possible by The Printworks.
A poignant moment was sitting in our Bell Tent watching a video tribute to Stephen
Hawking, produced by Melody Sheep
. This was all the more special as one of the workshop participants and supporter ofGlobal Generation’s work, theoretical physicist, Professor Jonathan Halliwell, spoke to us all about his experience of studying and working closely with Stephen. Jonathan’s words had a real impact on the children, one of whom reminded us that Stephen was an ordinary boy who through his courage and curiosity became extraordinary.

“Thanks Jane and Rod and to all the Generators and Helpers for a rewarding day immersed in the universe. I loved participating and sharing, and listening to the insightful contributions from all the young people taking part. I felt an unusually deep calm the next day which stayed with me for some time.” - Professor Jonathan Halliwell

Along with many highlights, were the wonderful performances at the end of the day
which were blessed with the first rays of the spring sunshine. Here is some of the writing produced by the children on the day:

The universe is amazing! It is beautiful and undiscovered. it shimmers and gleams as it grows older. The radiant planet has energetic creatures, but the most hazardous as well. Not only is it glamorous it is our home. - Azlaan Zubair, Redriff Primary School

The universe is amazing as the exterior is gleaming with beauty. It’s inquisitive to find out
what lies in its universe as the stars shine as bright as the sun. The universe is generous as
it shares the planets, galaxies and stars, When you experience the universe you wouldn't
think of anything but the stars and the planets, The exterior of the planets looks exquisite
and the interior looks epic. If you had the chance to decorate the universe you wouldn't know how to decorate the universe.
- Nemika , St John’s Primary School

The universe is amazing, for it has many mysterious things. For instance, who knows what it
holds? It holds many secrets. The earth is just a grain of sand within the greatness of the beach of the universe. The universe is amazing… Epic, glittering, infinite… the universe is all
of this and many more things.
- Ximena, Redriff Primary School

Awesome Forces workshop at The Paper Garden

Awesome Forces workshop at The Paper Garden