Inter-generational Project 2018

Global Generation’s work is focused on bringing different members of the community together to learn from each other and to learn together. When we began our project ‘Wisdom and Beauty Across the Ages’ it was with this in mind, particularly connecting with the elders in our community and providing opportunities for young people and children to spend time with them. Thanks to a grant from Age Unlimited, we have been able to provide a number of opportunities over the last year.

Most recently we have made connections with a supported accommodation for the elderly just across the street from our garden site on the Kings Cross development site. Roseberry Mansions provides care and support for senior residents as well as short term support and  therapies to enable people who have been hospitalised to return home. Many are recovering from operations and therefore unable to move far and isolated as a result.

Groups of young people from Global  Generation have visited Roseberry Mansions on several occasions to both volunteer and to socialise with the residents. The groups have cooked and eaten together and created art together.

Afterwards, we asked the young people to reflect on their experiences with the elders. Below are some of their thoughts:

“The experience will be one that I will never forget as we interacted with those that were older than us and and we helped them out. You could see that our presence was really appreciated.”

“I would definitely do this again and tell others to get involved. The smiles on the resident and staff’s faces were priceless”

“From this experience I was able to understand that a random act of kindness goes a long way even if you don’t know the people that you help.”

We are very much looking forward to a our final intergenerational day on the 13th June. We have invited the lovely people of North London Cares to come and learn in the garden along with 30 schoolchildren from a local school. The groups will have the whole day to learn some cooking and gardening skills together as well as eating together.