The year so far in the paper garden

Over the last five months the Paper Garden has been brought to life with the imagination and hard work of nearly five hundred local children, young people and adult volunteers, from local schools and businesses. Our running theme for this year is the wisdom and magic of seeds. We have told stories about King Canut who visited Rotherhithe in 1017 and measured the wisdom of his children on their ability to grow seeds. We have sowed seeds of possibility in hearts and minds and in response our participants have created their own mythology around the power of seeds.

They have invented fantastical paper seed pods and sowed ancient grain and vegetable seeds in the soil of our courtyard garden. We have also harnessed the power of many hands to made over a hundred paper bricks embossed with seeds. Together with children’s writing these were curated into a table top exhibition for the British Land suppliers conference in the Printworks.

“ What a beautiful job the team has done on the table centre pieces today. They are simply stunning” Emma, British Land

A particular highlight over the last month has been the launch of our inter-generational project, Growing Together, so far we have involved young refugees from the Bosco Centre, older people from Time and Talents and children from Redriff and Albion School.

“Alice and her class absolutely loved their experience at the Paper Garden yesterday, she said it has been her favourite trip ever! The planter has just arrived too and looks fantastic so thank you very much.” Caroline, Deputy Head Teacher

Many thanks to Redriff, Albion, Alfred Salter, St John’s and St Josephs Primary Schools and Bacons and Kingsdale secondary schools for involving students and staff. A big thanks also to the wonderful volunteer support from organisations like Townshend Landscape Architects, AKT2, Allies and Morrision, Aeon and Conran Design who are working with British Land on the Canada Water Master Plan.