July: A month for fruit and flowers in the Skip Garden and kitchen

July’s kitchen garden theme has been pollination. From the fennel pollen on our salads and the ‘social pollination’ of the neighbourhood party, to the variety of flowers planted for our pollinators - the bees - July has seen fertile abundance on all fronts. The theme will continue until September with goodies for our customers on the KX Bee Trail App. It’s free to download and provides generous discounts from local vendors. The trail is a great open air activity for adults and children, teaching you all you need to know about bees and how you can help them. The Bee trail presents part of our ongoing commitment to supporting urban bees. All our managed spaces are planted for people and pollinators.


The strength of the sun and the blazing heat have turbo charged the growth in the garden and this year we have had a bumper harvest of Greek basil and global tomatoes. The crop amply represent eastern Europe with mouthwatering Skykomish tomatoes from Latvia and Pink Bulgarians. Green Zebras and Matinas complete the medley which keep coming and coming.


All our flowers and herbs are in their prime this month and the kitchen and youth teams are taking full advantage of all the delicious possibilities. Young people attending our summer sessions will be making lavender scones and exploring other food from the garden and beyond as our orchard skip becomes heavy with fruit which we will be able to enjoy in August. Garden lavender has also been scenting biscuits for afternoon tea. Eighty lucky employees from the new Tom Dixon shop enjoyed an afternoon tea of fruit tarts, mini scones, sandwiches and lavender biscuits earlier this month. If you want a delicious and unconventional afternoon tea, our menu and prices are available on request. Contact cafe@globalgeneration.org.uk.