Intergenerational Community Work with Age UK

At Global Generation, our focus is often to bring together groups of people who would not normally spend time together, to bond and share conversation over shared food and learnings. This year we have been lucky enough to receive a grant that allows us to do just that. With funding from Age UK, our intergenerational project has brought together people of different ages from the local area.

This intergenerational funding has allowed us to create a few sessions that have given older people and younger people from the area a chance to share conversation and learn new skills. As part of the Institute of Physics ‘Being Human’ festival in November, a group of young people heard scientific researchers tell the story of their research reimagined as a mythical tale. The young people themselves then took the reigns, and told the story of the creation of the universe. The group were then led in a creative writing exercise together, which allowed them to reflect on and discuss their connection to the universe and their place within it.

In December, the Dragon Hall Trust Over 50s group and local young people came together for two fun sessions of baking and recipe sharing. A huge amount of crackers and sweet treats were made, boxed, and decorated, to be given away at a homeless shelter in time for Christmas. Baking together was a wonderful way to share stories and memories across the ages, with everyone having different experiences and tips to share.


More recently, our young people have worked with North London Cares to explore concepts of time. A local designer and artist, Vicky Gerrard, has led them in discussions and making sessions around how we experience time. Hearing from people of all ages about the pressures of time, the joys of slow time, and how time changes its meaning over a lifetime, was fascinating for everyone involved. This week we will also be visiting an exhibition at the Institute of Physics to complete the experience. This exhibition explores the physics of why people experience time in different ways, and is an excellent ending to the discussions that the group have been having.

The sessions so far have been eclectic, but have all shared the same core value: that people of different ages can learn from each other and create meaningful bonds. We are planning many more to come in the future, and hope to collaborate with more community groups across different areas of London as we grow as an organisation.