Family Day at The Paper Garden

On 18th February the Paper Garden was filled with busy hands. We opened the secret gate to local families so they could join our exploration of the earth through stories and clay.

We began the day by thinking about diversity and all of the living things that make our planet so unique. Everyone listened to Rod tell a story about the Complaining Man, who doesn't appreciate all of the living things around him until they have vanished from the world. Realising that there is so much life to celebrate, Ewelina helped us to design ceramic tiles from clay and using things we discovered in the garden, in order to show the world the variety of life in a tiny piece of land.


That day in the Paper Garden we found a harmony between us all and the garden. Creating together, eating together, sharing together, listening together.

The feedback we have received about the day was heartwarming, and we are certainly inspired to host more holiday family days in the future!

Thank you for providing such a wonderful clay modelling workshop. Both my girls had a great day. They really enjoyed getting hands-on with the clay but also found the story sessions and film fascinating and report that the pasta was delicious!

We have been to a few sessions at the Paper Garden and always enjoy them - it's an asset to the local community. - Annette


Thanks for organising the Clay family workshop. It was a great family event in which the organisers clearly put a lot of thought and effort. Although we were a big bunch of people, the event still felt very personal and intimate. The workshop was more than a simple clay workshop. Through thoughtful stories performed perfectly, games and home cooked food shared with all of us, the event communicated sensitive and important messages about globality, locality, community, shared heritage and collective responsibility. I believe everyone participating could take home very nice memories and also beautiful clay objects. Thank you. - Fekete


Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop today run by you and your team! It was so well organised, the story, the video and the discussion preceding the clay tile making. The children and I learnt so much and it started our half term on a fantastic note! It was accessible for children of all ages and it was wonderful to appreciate the space that has been created by yourselves and the local community. We loved the garden and a few of us said what a wonderful seasonal space it would make eg at Christmas time as it has a bit of a magical feel. Again thanks so much for a fantastic 4 hours today and I hope that we can take advantage of offers that may be coming up in the future. Lastly, the lunch was fantastic and very much appreciated.

P.S. They haven’t stopped talking about today and couldn’t wait to tell their dad what they did today. - Mabré-Rose, Emoré and Xander

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