Many Hands of the City

The Paper Garden has been growing more than ever in the spring months. A group of children from Redriff Primary School and local families have together been exploring the garden, listening to the stories that have grown there. Stories that tell of fruit giving trees, creatures being born of clay, squashes grown from the ground turning into children, rainbow crows, and more.

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We have explored the places around Canada Water. We have explored the history, where we come from, what we have learned. We have explored this place as our home for the future. Not just our home, but the home of plants and creatures of the land. Using the clay and minerals of the earth to construct our own city, the rich soil to sow our own potatoes, and the herbs of the garden to cook with and fill our bellies, we are busy preparing the garden for the Paper Garden Summer Solstice celebration of 2019.

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These workshops have been supported by the Southwark Neighbourhood Fund.