A Reflection on Nature Explorers 2019

The Skip Garden comes to life when people visit. And the Skip Garden has been filled with children who are Nature Explorers, so the garden is very much alive!

These Nature Explorers weaved their way through the garden, journeying from King’s Cross Academy, Frank Barnes School for Deaf Children, Torriano and Edith Neville Primary Schools.

Emma Blog 1.JPG

They baked biscuits and other treats with our Community Chef Giorgia, using herbs from the garden. I showed them how to make bird feeders for our feathered friends. They found hidden places in the garden to sit and observe the happenings around them, capture them on paper, and share with their friends. With Kiloran (The Story Garden Manager), they sowed the seeds for the plants of tomorrow, and watered the plants of today.

We have listened to the birds, insects, and plants of the garden. Together, we have moved to the rhythm of the garden.

This project happened with the support of Camden Giving.