Work Experience Students 2019

Over the past two weeks Global Generation has supported work experience students from St Michael’s Catholic College and St Thomas the Apostle School and Sixth Form College (Southwark Secondary Schools). It has been great to have more hands working alongside us in the garden. The students have fully immersed themselves in Global Generation, trying new food, learning new skills, and meeting new people along the way. Read about what they contributed to Global Generation’s gardens and what they took away from their experiences:

Jacob (Year 10, St Michael’s):

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I decided that, like my family, I want to always try to protect the environment and also live a sustainable life. This is why I applied to Global Generation for work experience.

On the first day of my work experience I came at 9AM to a staff meeting where I got to know some of the people who worked there. After, I went to local shops and restaurants where Global Generation help to maintain the plants to keep them strong and healthy. By the Rotunda restaurant there was a canal where there were lots of ducks and swans and it was really relaxing to just look at them swim through. Emma then gave me an in depth tour of the Skip Garden and showed me where everything was. I started watering the plants which all looked healthy and well cared for. I was introduced to the kitchen staff and helped to prepare lunch for the customers.

The next day I came straight into the cafe. I helped to pack homemade savoury granola for some young people to sell at the Cally Road Festival. Then I also helped with a workshop where children came and made salad with the things that they grew at Skip Garden.

On Thursday, I went to the Paper Garden to meet the Generators. They were all interested in the environment and sustainability and also promoting wildlife in the city where there is a lot of pollution. I met some people from British Land who were helping to make the pond and the plant bed, using bricks from the old carpark to make the walls and left it for the Generators to bring life into it.

During this placement I have learned a lot about what you can do and live sustainably even if you live in cities. With learning I also enjoyed working here. Also, I enjoy how everyone is positively affected by the Skip Garden, they usually have regular customers as people honestly love the place there. The day I got the most out of my work experience was the day of volunteering and building the pond and wildlife area at the Paper Garden.

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Stephanie (Year 12, St Thomas’s):

Working with Townshend Landscape Architects has been interesting as I was never really fascinated in landscape architecture yet when I was given the opportunity to develop my own ideas on how to make our local area a better place, I dived straight in with curiosity and managed to create a design plan for the Canada Water park. Prior to working with them, I already felt comfortable using photoshop, yet I never stopped to consider how it could be used in architecture to plan a landscape. It was a new experience being able to utilise the skills I already had and apply them to a whole new concept. My week ended with a presentation of my best design where I had to showcase my ideas and demonstrate my intentions with each component of the park and how they will eventually come together.

Fabian (Year 12, St Thomas’s):

Initially, I did not know what to expect from working at a Global Generation since it was an environmental charity and I did not understand what their role in our community was, but with time I began to understand and appreciate the amount of effort that they put in making our local area a better place. It was such an insightful work experience as I learnt a lot about myself; I learnt that I am more hard working than I thought and that I really enjoy communicating with children as they always approach something with such enthusiasm, a trait that I learnt to adopt during my time working in Global Generation and will continue to use throughout my life.