Summer Events in The Skip Garden

Our summer so far has been filled with the delectable smokey smells of freshly baked pizzas, sweet fruity afternoon teas, fresh lemonade and herby cocktails. We have enjoyed the harmonies from local choirs, the loudening hum of vivid conversations, groovy bass lines and lest not forget the pitter-patter of fresh summer rain running down the gazebos.

We kicked off the summer season with a supper celebrating Beltane and the arrival of summer with fires, spicy foods and our favourite historian of all things botanical and a little strange, Nell.

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Then came Fire Feast when we gorged on perfectly crisp sourdough pizzas and partied with our friends from Dig It Soundsystem. These evenings are always great fun and mark the start of us using the outdoor pizza oven. This year has been an incredible year for pizzas, thin sourdough crusts and a multitude of delicious toppings, from fresh courgettes to sweet pink pickled onions and a delicious array of Wilde’s Cheeses.

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In mid-summer we were joined by the beautiful voices and wonderful fun loving spirit of King’s Place Choir, Baby Choir and GOSH choir who had a concert in the garden. It was a lovely warm evening filled with families, dance-offs and of course the delicious food served up by our team of brilliant chefs. They have been the true stars of the summer and whether lunch in the café or delicate canapes have exceeded themselves in presenting beautiful nourishing seasonal food to all our events.

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We have a couple of months left on this site and lots planned to make sure there are opportunities for anyone who wants to come along and help us celebrate the beautiful garden and café! Our next big party will be on Saturday 28th September when Dig It will help us celebrate with one last Fire Feast. Bring your appetites and dancing shoes!

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For more information on our upcoming events, including our final hoorah, visit our What’s On page.