We call the Skip Garden the garden of a thousand hands because it was created, grows and gets nourished with the help of countless volunteers.  Our experienced gardeners, chefs and carpenters love sharing their knowledge and will always ensure that volunteers learn something new in return for their hard work. Whether you are a group of colleagues wanting to give something back or simply want to join one of our Twilight Gardening sessions we will do our best to find the most fulfilling opportunity for you to get involved and help our garden grow. 

Please contact generate@globalgeneration.org.uk if you would like to volunteer with Global Generation


Here's how you can get involved

Twilight Gardening

On Wednesday evenings, the garden is transformed as people of all ages leave their office, their homes, their schools to get their hands dirty and help the Skip Garden grow. You will work alongside our garden team who have expertise of growing in hard urban spaces.  Our Twilight Gardening sessions run from March to October on Wednesday evenings from 5 - 7pm.  Spaces are limited so booking is essential. To join a session and stay up to date with the latest opportunities and events, join our twilighter mailing list


Volunteering in the garden or kitchen

As part of companies' CSR, sustainability and personal development initiatives we always welcome volunteers to help in the garden and the kitchen.  You might be helping with planting seeds, transplanting seedlings, weeding, watering, basket weaving, harvesting vegetables and cooking.  We also have opportunities for business employees to help mentor young people to set up their own youth enterprises as well as possibilities to run workshops around your field of expertise.  We have opportunities for volunteers to work at both our King's Cross and Canada Water sites. 


Lunch and Learning

You can become part of the King's Cross community by having lunch and working side by side with local children and other King's Cross business employees to explore sustainability in a hands-on way. Each month we focus on a different theme, from bee-friendly planting to bread making in the outdoor pizza oven to working with willow and making jams and chutneys. Alongside the local children, you will co-design and make the products which will find a useful home on the King's Cross development site. Lunch & Learning sessions take place fortnightly on Wednesday lunchtimes.

Here's how we've worked with different companies 


Argent employees have volunteered with Global Generation in many different ways, from attending our Twilight Gardening, helping in the kitchen, supporting our Business BTEC students to set up their own enterprises and by taking part in our Lunch & Learning sessions .  Their participation has been an important part of building a diverse and creative community in King's Cross.


Zone's employees receive 2 days a year to volunteer in a charity of their choice.  They found that hardly any employees were taking up this opportunity because the choice of charities can seem overwhelming and they are not always set up to have volunteers for a day.  Global Generation offered clear volunteering opportunities in the garden and the kitchen as well as a specific project to help with designing and making signs in the garden.  This has been hugely successful and we look forward to continue working together.

The Guardian

Each year the Guardian runs a volunteering week in which over 250 staff sign up to take part in a volunteering project with the Guardian's community partners, of which Global Generation is one.  Since 2009, employees have volunteered with Global Generation on various projects, including building the first Skip Garden with local young people, helping set up and launch the Universe Story website and help Global Generation's Business BTEC students set up their own enterprises.



I would say that it was a fantastic day and that you really made us feel part of the amazing project that you have going on there, bringing together the local community, especially kids, as well as promoting sustainable living and business in a way that is fun and I would highly recommend anyone else getting involved in your centre
— Nicholas Bere, The Guardian
Coming to the Skip Garden for a half day, or a whole day, gives you an absolutely amazing feeling (it almost makes you want to give up your day job to be a gardner!). Being in the open air, getting your hands dirty and learning about nature, or about a craft, is extremely refreshing. It takes you away from any work stresses and really puts things into perspective. It’s great to know that such an important project (in terms of the youngsters engaged by the charity, and in the sense that it’s keeping a bit of green amongst the building site of King’s Cross) is so close to the office and that it’s encouraging organic growing and creativity.

I met some wonderful people during my volunteering day, and I learnt about organic growing (it’s made me think twice about what I buy at the supermarket), seed planting, and how to make a pot plant holder from scratch!
— Esme Jones, Account Manager
We started off the day with having breakfast with the rest of the team. Then set about watering ALL the plants in the garden. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this as the sun was shining and to be outside in the fresh air and doing something physical was most rewarding.

After removing plants from their flower pots, it was time to break for a delicious lunch prepared and served by local youngsters who were working and learning at the garden that week.

We were shown how to separate and re-plant wild basil seedlings and spent a lovely afternoon in the potting shed which was most welcome as it was one of the hottest days of summer! All in all it was a brilliant day and a great experience.
— Ros McLaren, Zone