mickey reedy


Mickey’s background in hospitality and catering has taken her many places, most recently The Skip Garden where she landed in 2015.

Mickey gained Qualified Teacher Status in 2014. When she is not cooking, she is coordinating the outreach education programme for This is Rubbish, a food waste reduction campaign. Mickey has worked with organisations with similar aims and continues to campaign with determination for social and political change. She is a veteran of volunteer kitchens and first came to Global Generation as a garden volunteer but soon found herself in front of a stove.  Abroad she was the kitchen manager at the sustainable reforestation community projects Sadhana Forest India and Haiti and more recently has enjoyed facilitating public events such as Disco Soup in her home town of London.

Mickey enjoys creating systems efficiency and taking breaks from the kitchen to commune with Global Generation’s two hens, Rita and Whale. She is dedicated to celebrating all things edible and integrating environmental and social justice with the day to day choices made by young people.