giorgia lauri
community Chef


Giorgia comes from a very untraditional Italian family and neither her grandmothers had any clue about how to cook, which is probably the reason why she is so interested in cooking practices and traditional rituals.

She landed at Global Generation after three year of economic studies, during which she spent more time coking and working alongside SlowFood than improving her calculus skills. Her food philosophy is influenced by her travels to India and Africa, where she spent months working alongside the local communities on matters such as food availability and foodways, as well as the period she spent living on an organic farm in the French countryside.

In modern societies where industrialization has brought the atomization of social relations, the practice of cooking and eating brings people together; with this is mind she found herself applying for a three months internship in the Skip Garden Kitchen. She learnt cooking skills from passionate and extremely talented individuals and life lessons from the larger GG community. She has not left ever since.

Right now she is experimenting with fermentation (think Kombucha) and preserving.