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Space and Nature Club

At ‘Space and Nature’ we fascinate children with amazing facts and visuals of the Cosmos. At the same time, we explore the wonder of Nature, with direct hands on experience, in the award winning King’s Cross Skip Garden.

At Global Generation we endeavour to provide an inspiring environment for children’s learning and well-being. We work to develop in children a deeper sense of what we call ‘I, We and the Planet.’ That is, a deeper and enriched sense of who they are, the world around them and how everything in life is interconnected. It is our belief that these experiences, deeply enhance children’s growth and development.

We have an experienced trans-disciplinary team including educators, artists and ecologists that run the club. Rod has been a primary school teacher for 16 years and Jane has involved children and young people in outdoor education for over 25 years. 

Contact for more information, prices and to book your space.

There are a number of sponsored places are available. Profits from the club go towards the running of the Skip Garden as a resource for the whole community.